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Suite Night Awards - Really?

Question asked by whatfilmsee on Aug 17, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2019 by spglifeforlife

Still confused on the suite night awards -- it seems even the Titanium hotline folks are confused too! Called two different times and got two different answers. It seems as though the suite night awards emerged from Sheraton's program. During the merger Marriott had to add this program. It is unclear if the suite night awards go to "lifetime" Titanium Elite - or does a so called lifetime member still have to stay 50 nights in order to get the suite night awards?  It's also unclear when they rolled out the suite night awards. Can they be used on a previous reservation? Are they only available to use on a new reservation? Are they guaranteed on high-end resort type international properties -- or are they based on availability, which is like they were before! I found the "normal Marriott" suite upgrades based on availability program worked just fine. We've had amazing upgrades at international properties with no problems. I'm hoping this new suite night upgrade does not throw a monkey wrench into what had been a perfectly fine upgrade program.