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Complaint Escalation - Marriott Rome Flora

Question asked by mbpps on Aug 21, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2019 by mbpps

Stayed for 2 nights a few weeks ago.  Lots of spiders found inside the room, around the walls and up at the ceiling.  At least 10 found.  Raised this to the hotel via the Marriott app but no response throughout my stay.  Left my business card during check-out and requested the hotel manager to get back to me,  No response thus far.  In parallel, I’ve wrote an email to Marriott Bonvoy customer care and they promised to ask the hotel executive team to respond to me within 3-5 days.  Again no response thus far, more than 10 days and despite chaser being sent.  Very disappointing.


Additionally, booking of other member’s with this hotel was appeared in my Marriott Bonvoy app (under my account).  Told the hotel and they confirmed that’s an error but then never rectified it.  I can see the full name, credit card detail and even the special rate of that member’s booking.  This is totally a breach of personal privacy; and not sure if my booking was shown on other’s account as well.


Extremely disappointed with this hotel and especially its management team.  Grateful for advices on how to escalate this.