Unparalleled Service in Birmingham, AL

Discussion created by astrait on Aug 20, 2019
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This past weekend, my wife and I stayed at the Elyton Hotel in Birmingham, AL while our son visited the University of Alabama at Birmingham. During my 28+ year career, I have spent a lot of time in hotels around the world. This is the first time the service I received has ever compelled me to write a review.


Ervin Hill, the hotel's head concierge, greeted us during our check-in and immediately made a connection.  His energy and charismatic professionalism established him as our "go-to" for our entire weekend when it came to anything we needed, whether as part of the Elyton Hotel or the Birmingham area.  Thanks to Ervin, we sampled some of the best restaurants, cocktail bars (including the rooftop car at the Elyton Hotel), and sights during our stay. His knowledge and willingness to enthusiastically share it brought smiles to our faces every time we talked to him.  We felt welcome from the first instant we entered the hotel until we left two days later - and amazing experience throughout.


One more person who I wanted to recognize was Janice (forgive me I don't have her last name), the head lobby attendant.  Every time we saw Janice she had a smile on her face and she took the time to make sure my wife and I had everything we needed.  During our first interaction, I was enjoying a warm cookie in the lobby.  I mentioned to Janice that the cookies were amazing and that I would be back in the lobby anytime they put a new batch out.  We joked about it a few times over the weekend when we saw each other.  My last night in Birmingham, I walked into my room and found a plate of cookies with a note (see attached picture) "Please Enjoy This Snack - Everyone at the Elyton".  What an amazing gesture - and what amazing customer service!


This is my first-ever review of a hotel, and possibly my last.  I was just so impressed and appreciative of the staff at the Elyton Hotel, especially Ervin and Janice, that I felt compelled to write.  It is people like Ervin and Janice that will make me seek out the Marriott brand when I make hotel reservations moving forward - and certainly why I will stay at the Elyton Hotel every time I visit Birmingham in the future.