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Question asked by donna.hudson on Aug 15, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2019 by idt

I just stayed in the Bohemian on Bay Street in Savannah for 2 nights.  My original reservation was made for 2 nights, but due to a change in plans, I moved my check in a day early and checked out a day earlier, still a total of 2 days.  I had trouble trying to make the change to my original reservation, so had to make a separate reservation.  When I checked into the hotel on Monday, I told the associate of my issues and she tied my room reservations together so that I would not have to check out and check back in for my original reservation.  Each night I received a hotel receipt under my door.  Upon checkout yesterday, I asked if I could ensure I would get the extra credit for the 2 consecutive night stays promotion and a different associate told me that was up to Marriott.........  I didn't realize that it wasn't an automatic credit, but apparently the Bohemian hotels just allow us to get Marriott credits???


As an aside, there are 2 Bohemian hotels in Savannah; 1 is on Bay Street (where the action is), and the other is called the Mansion and is near Forsythe Square.  This is where the gallery is also.  While the Bohemian on Bay Street is nice, the walls are thin and I was constantly hearing my neighbors talk and their TV.  While I couldn't understand what they were saying, I was bothered by the noise.  I had to sleep with my TV on to drown out noises.