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Why do I get the message: no rooms available when trying to book with the custom cash+points option?

Question asked by stoneghost69 on Aug 15, 2019

I am trying to book a hotel using the CUSTOMIZE PAYMENTS Build Your Own Cash + Points Combination option, and I keep getting the message that there are no rooms available and I cannot complete my reservation. I know there are rooms available because I can reserve if I chose points only or cash only.  I called costumer service and they said that it was because I needed to book 4 consecutive nights with points in order to get the 5th free night. This does not seem right and is not what I have read in the forums and promotions (Details about the new online Cash + Points option). The answer does not even make sense because the system gives me the first night as free, not the last. Nevertheless, I tried choosing four consecutive point nights and the rest cash, but it still said no rooms available. Therefore the representative's answer is not right either and this was not the reason.

From what I read one of the benefits of this feature was that you could chose which night to pay cash and you would still get the 5th night free regardless, as long as you redeemed four nights with points. I even used the suggested combination that the system gave me itself and I still got the same message.  Why can't I book using the custom cash+points option when it is clear that there are rooms available for both points and cash on the dates chosen?