Peak/Off-Peak is really "Dynamic-Pricing Light"

Discussion created by bejacob on Aug 15, 2019
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How's this for a headline?

Marriott to Introduce Dynamic Pricing for Bonvoy Award Bookings 


A couple of interesting takeaways quoted from the above article

  • Marriott’s tack in this case seems to be more of a light version of dynamic pricing.
  • Notably, peak rates will also be determined as a function of hotel bookings and capacity and not necessarily based on direct seasonality.
  • In the peak season or when a hotel is otherwise busy, members will pay 14–33 percent more for an award night. On the other hand, off-peak discounts in the equivalent amount will be applied when hotel traffic is light.


Looks like traveling during popular times or at popular destinations is going to cost more when redeeming points. Don't say you weren't warned.