Points Advance warning!!!! If you hold certificates,

Discussion created by j&c on Aug 15, 2019

15 days before your Points Advance reservation, your certificates will first be applied to your reservation before points are taken. J&I had a Points Advance stay for 17,500 points on 8/30. At 12:36 this morning with over 87,000 points available in J's account, his 75 Night Annual Choice Night Benefit Free Night Up to 40,000 Points Certificate was taken instead of the 17,500 points required for the Points Advance. The 75 Night Annual Choice Night Benefit Free Night Up to 40,000 Points Certificate was not returned to his account when I cancelled and rebooked with 17,500 points. I am fortunate to have screenshots and the email to have his certificate placed back into the account when I follow-up with Customer Service. C



3.6 Points Advance.

Members who seek to make an Award Redemption with an insufficient Point balance may make the Award Redemption and either (1) purchase Points (as described in  Section 2.9) to make a valid Award Redemption, provided that the aggregate amount of Points purchased and/or received as a gift by the Member is less than or equivalent to 50,000 Points per calendar year; or (2) the Member accrues sufficient Points to use Points for payment of the Award Redemption no less than fourteen (14) days prior to Member’s arrival date.

3.6.a. If a purchase of Points is not an option, or if a Member does not have sufficient Points to pay for an Award Redemption with Points fourteen (14) days or less from Member’s arrival date, Member will forfeit the Award Redemption part of the reservation.  The Award Redemption may be canceled by the Loyalty Program or the Participating Property and the reservation will be converted to a cash reservation at the best available rate.

3.6.b.  Points Advance can only be used for Award Redemption Stays, including Free Night Awards, Upgrade Awards, Cash + Points Awards, and PointSavers Awards (refer to Section 3.2).  Points Advance cannot be used for any other Award Redemption options, including, but not limited to, Marriott Bonvoy Moments experiences, flights, Points to Miles conversions, Travel Packages, Instant Redemptions, and other services and merchandise.