Excellent Service at Mt. Pleasant MI Courtyard

Discussion created by butterflyreign on Aug 14, 2019
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To whom it may concern,


I come to the Courtyard in Mt. Pleasant very frequently, and have never been dissatisfied with their service. In fact, we even held a bridal shower there last year! 

However, my visit to the Mt. Pleasant, MI Courtyard on July 27-28, 2019 was the best experience to date.


To save a little money, I thought it might be a good idea to get an AirBnb for this very important 25th high school reunion weekend. It was a harrowing first night to say the least, and early the next morning, I came back "home" to the Courtyard with my tail between my legs, hoping I could book a last minute room. With no sleep and tears and my eyes, I was greeted with a big smile by Julia Moeggenberg, who treated me like family, and took care of quickly getting me into a room for some much needing napping and showering. It really did feel like home, and her kind, accommodating nature made me feel like family.


For work and for pleasure, I have traveled around the world to various Marriott Bonvoy establishments, and have almost always received great service. But to find this exceptional level of service in my hometown is particularly heartwarming. 


Julia deserves many accolades for what I am sure are countless experiences like this under her watch. 

I will never forget this experience, nor Julia's helpful, kind and professional nature.


Thank you for hiring people like her to exceed the levels of excellence Marriott Bonvoy is known for!  I am a customer for life!



Jennifer Thomas