First Aloft Stay

Discussion created by clebert on Aug 11, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2019 by spglifeforlife

Alas, Aloft is not for me.  Stayed at Aloft Mag Mile last week as required by the company I was working with.  It's very stylish and modern and much more "fun" vibe than a comparable FFI or SHS.  So it had that going for it.  I suppose the Moxy brand would be the Marriott (before merger) equivalent?  They put me in a nice corner room with 2 walls of huge windows, and the shades were fantastic at blocking light.  So, that was great.  Dispensers in shower had body wash and 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner combo.  The 2-in-1 seems like a downgrade to me.  Not great.  Sofa/table instead of desk, but it worked fine to get some work done.  No closet, so had to hang business suits on a hook which seemed less than ideal.  Mini fridge and coffeemaker were good.  Lot of USB ports and plug ins, but one of the major ports didn't work at all (right by the bed, of course). Loud HVAC unit, which might be a pro since there seemed to be no soundproofing, and lots of bare (industrial style) surfaces to bounce noise off of.  So, it was very noisy.  People slamming doors, running up and down hallways, and having very loud conversations at all hours of the day and night.  Hard to sleep.  Decent but small gym.  Very nice pool with open space surrounded by windows.  Typical for lower-priced tourist-class hotels on Magnificent Mile in Chicago in the summer, I suppose.  No good views.  Not right on Mag Mile, but very close, so good location for tourists.  No hot breakfast, free or otherwise.  Pantry in lobby had limited selections at ridiculous prices.  Lobby was set up for group gatherings.  Occasionally has live music in the lobby.  I wouldn't recommend for business or families.  Probably great for young singles, couples, or groups of friends looking for a fun hangout.  Price was under $200/night, so I guess you get what you pay for.  I won't stay again unless I have no other choice.