Awful, racist experience at Marriott Renaissance

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I had awful experience at##@ Renaissance Golden view beach. 

Case number: #### 153513565

They treat me awful and very racist system I had ever seen!

I contacted to costumer care 7 Aug telling me will contact our team at hotel, never happened so I sent emails to Marriott Page on Twitter, Facebook too full info about happening to me but not full situations. 

Costumer Affairs contact me and told me will tell GM directly and contacted me but GM never meet me 9 Aug I meet him before and telling him about most of things 8 Aug. 

Short happened to me :

I have a room from 3 Aug to 6 Aug and another reservation from 6 Aug to 8 Aug, 8 Aug to 10 Aug to avoid missing nights because happen to me and know HM days need to be platinum. 

I stayed with them here 43days without any appreciation, main problem my age 19y, nationality so they're looking to me awful spending to much money so they're never meet me only me looking for meet them. 

Whatever I stayed at comfortable room 3 Aug to 6 Aug another reservation made it 6 Aug to 8 Aug, another 8 Aug to 10 Aug.

They're changing my room 6206 by force as another guest come 7 Aug and wanna this room, hotel never crowded! Because season not beginning.

Telling me will try to let my the same room. My key cut don't have a key, can't get something from restaurant because don't know what's my new room or will stay the same. 

From 2:30pm to 4:30pm to see another room. 

I had many awful situations this days and not appreciation to me I skipped because I stayed with them to much. 

But they never appreciated it!

I reach to my another room 11:20 to 11:45pm.

When going another room asked HK 1:15am, he going my room and see it flooded! Telling Duty Manager and tell Eng to fix it.

I never know these things happen, am going to my room 3Am and see a Eng knock my door after entering to fix AC, absolutely refused!

Am going to reception to know happen and told me after that telling me 10Min and fix it I waited to 4am without anyone come to me I went again and see the them, tell me think me going to my room how am staying at reception, they checked but never anyone go to my room, receptionist offer another room I got my luggage and see it 5009 not cleaning.

So going to reception to leave hotel or see another room. 

I told them will back to my room until morning and see another but should fix AC, maybe 5Am

Eng go my room and fix it but using my bathroom!! Never telling HK after this, so am going my room and see it!!! So go to duty Manager and tell him, send HK to my room maybe seems 6Am and clean bathroom and left 6:30am.

7 Aug many problems too another room not prepared! 

8 Aug very racist, wanna give me a dinner or 15$ as discount about my awful 2days!!! 

9 Aug sent me very rude email not clearly about truth. 

Who sent it predestined manager when staying another table, behind me, he was at holiday and sent this email without hearing me.

After I sent a reply and hope, reply me I see him a snobbery because my age and racism too!

I sent nagtive comment, duty Manager telling me what's rude about email telling her never asked me about happening to me or appreciate my reply after 2hrs. When sending my email. 

Telling me will meet me, only looking to me, wanna me go to him!

I told customer affairs told me will contact to GM but never he contacted to me next day!!!

I lost my honor, appreciate I cant leave without bring it at least when GM told me will send a Apologies leter 8 Aug now. 10 Aug without sending anything!!!!

They're never will tell truth about it, I told my parents wanna me call Marriott if not attention should be entrance to protect me! Bring me human rights. Not guest!

I write this email here when never see any attention from Hotel!!