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"Stay" language issue

Question asked by travelsprite on Aug 9, 2019
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Hello fellow Insiders...


So I just returned from 6 weeks in Europe that included a few 2-night stays where I earned the 1500 through the "Endless Earning" promo.  While I've had to call Marriott THREE TIMES to get the promo points posted to my account (another post entirely) it was my most recent call that had me running here to ask the experts:


So I booked 2 nights at the Lisbon Marriott (Aug 5th and 6th).  Because I had to use different credit cards and was booking pre-paid nights I ended up making two 1-night reservations.  Anyhow, I ended up staying at the hotel for 2 consecutive nights.  In my mind, this clearly falls into the eligible "stay" language of the promo which is, according to Marriott's website: "A “stay” is defined as consecutive nights spent at the same hotel, regardless of check-in/checkout activity on any points-eligible rate".


My stay was two consecutive nights spent at the same hotel, just done as two single night reservations.  


Well, obviously Marriott never posted the promotion points after the actual night posted so I called to get the 1500 points.  At this point, the Marriott rep said "no, you're actually not supposed to receive the points.  The promo is attached to confirmation numbers, and you had two 1-night stays, not a 2-night stay".  At this point I questioned what the language in the promo meant then.  I take that language of a stay being consecutive nights regardless of check in/out as a way to discourage people abusing promos where they earn, say, 1000 points a reservation, and then make five consecutive 1-night reservations when they are in town for a week on business, for example.  I argued that their language should actually help my case, since I stayed two consecutive nights and, according to their language, my check in/out activity should not matter.  The rep said it did, then went out of his way to say "I'll give you the 1500 points, its not a big deal, but your stay wasn't eligible."  So.....


WTF MARRIOTT?  Why have that language if you actually DO CARE in some instances about people's activity???  Its clearly language put in place to protect Marriott the majority of the time.  They should be big enough to admit when it helps the customer.  


Or maybe they don't care about that.