Ambassador Status really worth it ?

Discussion created by thehpguy on Aug 6, 2019
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I have been platinum or platinum plus for almost 20 years, Currently with the new program, I was made titanium and I am titanium lifetime ( apparently this is a ONE TIME offering for 2018 only if you qualified with a certain # of Stays and points earned in their program) ) and they won't ever make any one titanium Lifetime again as a status. I have been torn over the last 7-8 year in supporting the Marriott Rewards program, as the Marriott program seemed to have gotten watered down with the lowering of not only the nights, but the life time nights required to earn various statuses. I think in 2006 when I received Lifetime Platinum, it was their first year doing it and I think the requirement was 1000 or 1250 nights and 2M+ points earned and 10+ years as platinum. Now it seems easier for many others to achieve. I downgraded my nights reserved to Marriott ( stayed at Hiltons where I made Diamond really easily and was treated like a SUPERSTAR) after my status didn't seem to matter. I will say that even though I was treated VERY WELL at Hilton , the program for points earnings and point redemptions, is not as easy and rewarding as the Marriott program ..... )           I wasn't sure if it was my revenue spend with Marriott, or the program had just been watered down so much , that my 125-200 nights a year just didn't matter.


So this year I have decided to give it one more shot. I have just hit this year 103 nights and the 21K revenue spend, and now qualify for Ambassador Status. I still have 5 + more months to go before the end of the year to add to this total. It will be interesting to watch and see how long it takes for this to be acknowledged by Marriott, and to see if there is any real different treatment by the hotel staff in anyway shape or form compared to Titanium. I find currently that there is no difference in Titanium or platinum Status in terms of room or suite upgrades upon availability. I find myself asking ahead of time and when I check in, and fighting for upgrades. That really shouldn't occur. In the 90's and early 2000's, if I made a reservation, I think I was sometimes upgraded or room blocked 2-4 days BEFORE I was to arrive. I inquired of various hotels in which I stayed and apparently that was the case. Flash forward to today, that is NOT the case ( at least with Platinum or Titanium) as a general rule. If there is a special event or date or anniversary, of course the hotel management can make the decision as they see fit, but there is no proactiveness at all to upgrade Titanium's in advance, even before check in. That is disappointing.


If there are ambassadors here that can share their experiences on the level of service either at the hotel level or the corporate level, please share. I think I need to level set expectations before I get frustrated. I don't know what percentages of Marriott members are ambassador or if this program is just as watered down, ..... but I would like to know your experiences as I still have time to re-qualify with Hilton this year for Diamond as I have 38 nights already with them  and still have plenty of time to qualify as their program has ALSO been watered down to achieve Diamond at 60 nights, where it used to be 100.


If their are Titanium or Platinum members who also have good and bad experiences with thinking their status helps them, please share. I don't want to be negative, just factual about the experiences. I am trying to right-size my expectation about my experiences with Marriott 15+ years ago which were ALL POSITIVE... and in todays world, the programs all seem so watered down, that nothing seems good any more.