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M11/M12 Promo Code Disengagement

Question asked by lamonade on Aug 5, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2019 by carltonbanks

Hi community, this is my first public post at Insiders.


What is M11/M12?

This group of codes describes the hotel bonus (like an opening package) that would honor some extra points, could vary from 1k to 10k per stay. 


I want to bring this up as right after the mega-merge one year ago, I've not received any bonus points automatically from hotels booking with the M11/M12 codes, not a single time! (P.S.: I'm from SPG and there are similar bonus, which works perfectly before the merge.) Usually front desk confirms with me for the rate that'll bring extra bonus points, but it never arrives.



I have to call hotels and write to customer service and waste a plenty of time on these issues to ask for the bonus points shall be post together with my stay/night credits where I pay some extra for the specific rate, yet Bonvoy team could not fix posted credits but rather add the points as a "Goodwill".


Anybody on the same broken boat with me?