Very busy but took time to listen and help

Discussion created by billybobburger on Aug 3, 2019
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My associate and I were in NYC entertaining some guests. The guests were running late to a 730 broadway show.  So late to the point that they couldn't check in to their hotel first (the other part of town) and so they arrived to the show with their luggage in hand.  My associate and I went to the nearest Marriott property (across the street) and asked for help.  After initially being turned down by the front desk (that is the policy), we were referred to the office manager, David Fasler. That evening, David was doing some major damage control due to 75% of the elevators being out at the hotel.  He was already overwhelmed with the current situation and then we showed up. We explained our situation to him, and that both of us are long time, loyal, Marriott customers and that we just needed a place to store our bags for 3 hours.  David had every right to restate the policy and tell us no. Instead, he listened and brainstormed with us, looking for ways to be helpful but still adhere to their policy.  This happened in June and we are now in August, and I couldn't get his kindness and professionalism out of my head. I hope that David understand how grateful we are for his willingness to listen and help us find a solution.  It is my hope that every Marriott employee could follow David's lead.  People like David are why I still use Marriott.