Philly airport Ren

Discussion created by nipper on Aug 5, 2019
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This hotel is poor and getting worse.  They are slowly renovating it, but it is a pit.


And starting Sept the rates go up pretty significantly (I think coinciding with FB season). 


Stayed there last night. Very late flight so I was annoyed to start.  Arrived at 4 am and in my room.  Once I am in bed I hear drip, drip, drip, all night.  AC unit above is leaking and that is all I hear.  The last thing I wanted to do was get dressed, go downstairs and spend a half hour getting another room, I should have. 


Checking it out in the morning I see the popcorn ceiling peeling off because of water damage. A good foot in diameter. How could the maids or someone not seen it before ?  It was not fresh.  Instead they just let it get worse.  


Just bulldoze that property and start from scratch.