20,000 Bonus Points Offer

Discussion created by joeyo38 on Aug 2, 2019
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I am curious to find out if anyone has recommended the Chase CC to a friend and did not receive their bonus points? Four times now I have recommended the credit card to friends and family and I haven't received the 20,000 bonus points. Two of my co-workers swear they followed the instructions exactly how it was recommended. One of them called both Chase and Marriott last week to track down why I did not receive the points. It went nowhere. Of the other two people: one forgot to include my points/email when they signed up and tried to backtrack to get me the points. That didn't work. The 4th person (my mom) called Chase to sign up but the agent she spoke with offered her additional points to NOT use my reference. She would have received 50,000 points, I would have received 20,000. The agent offered my mom 75,000 and I would get nothing. Of course, my mom took the 75k. (Hey, I would do the same thing!) At first I was willing to say "eh, I guess I should have made sure they went in the correct order and followed the directions." However, now that it has happened four times, I am starting to feel cheated out of 80,000 points. Has anyone had similar problems and able to track down these points?