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Are SNA's selected this year good through Dec 31 2020?

Question asked by msannmcd on Aug 2, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2019 by msannmcd

I have 52 nights and received an email that I am eligible to select my "Platinum elite 50-night annual choice benefit" of which the options are: 5 Suite Night Awards (SNAs), 40% off bedding; $100 charity donation; Gifting Silver Status to family or friend; or 5 elite night credits. 


I'm LTP but currently have Titanium status and will likely hit the 75 nights again this year. So I don't need the elite night credits. Last year we had the option for a free night up to 35K points but that is not an option this year.


In 2020 I have a 2 week trip to England and France. I would like to be able to use SNA's while there but its not clear to me if I select the 5 I have available now, if they will expire Dec 31, 2019 or Dec 31, 2020. I think its 2020 based on this statement in T&C:


 In the event that an eligible Platinum Elite Member fails to select a 50-Night Annual Choice Benefit by 11:59 p.m. Eastern US Time on January 15th of the year following the applicable Qualifying Period, such Platinum Elite Members will receive five (5) Suite Night Awards™ as his/her 50-Night Annual Choice Benefit ("Suite Night Awards," individually "Suite Night Award").


I'm hoping the communitymanagers or one of the uber experienced insiders can help me figure this out. Until then, I've still got 4 SNAs left to use before the end of this year. I'm looking for a 4 night option around Veterans day but not sure where yet. Maybe Portland Maine. Maybe DC again. Decisions decisions!


Thanks in advance for the help folks!