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Do we get annual benefits at lifetime qualification?

Question asked by carbide_cyanide on Aug 2, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2019 by brilin

Good evening all,

The question is simple but the explanation is a bit long winded. Pre-merger I was lifetime plat but did not have the years necessary. Luckily when they combined my accounts I ended up with 9 years of Platinum, and I qualified titanium last year so I should hit LTP again in October. A little irritating but I understand it. 


This year, due to a number of factors I will not hit 50 nights (I have 27 now and anticipate hitting 30, 40 if they ever give me my elite night credits for my rewarding event). I am curious though, since I will qualify lifetime in October is there a chance I'll get to pick an annual choice benefit? I'm doubting it since I won't officially hit the 50 nights but I am curious nonetheless!!


As an aside, has anyone qualified LTP this year that got any special gifts?