Why should i stay again?

Discussion created by monig on Aug 1, 2019
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I am new member to Bonvoy, having recently changed jobs, my new roles involves international travel and having stayed at the Marriott through my husband's job, it was the obvious choice of prefernce.  Next week we celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary and a trip of a lifetime has been booked to take the family for 2 weeks in FLorida.  We were originally meant to stay in Miami for a couple of days and i used to make the reservation @ Residence Inn by Marriott Miami Airport.  Our travel plans have since changed and i called the hotel directly today to either request a refund or change of travel dates.  I was asked to wait and pasesed to another person.  Un-beknown to me, i was passed to the central Marriott reservations where a very RUDE and IMPOLITE telephone attendant.  After calrifying who she was and why i was calling, i was told that she could not help me as i booked through a third party.  I told her i was a bonvoy member and she put the phone down on me!


Oh you disappoint me!  I travel at least 6 times a year for a large multi-national....i think you may have just lost our business!  Customer services is not your forte!