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Why do I no longer receive my "room nights" for multiple rooms that are booked under my name?

Question asked by mnavillus on Jul 31, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2019 by deserttom

I've been lifetime status for many yrs. and I've always gotten room credit and my room nights for up to 3 rooms pending the rooms are in my name.


So for example,  if I was traveling with my team. I would book each team member in their own room in lieu of doubling up people. However I've notice this yr. when I book multiple room I only get the points for the multiple rooms but not the elite points and, not the room nights which naturally count toward my annual total room nights.


This policy seems counterproductive to selling rooms.   Which means less money for Marriott.   I would like to hear from Marriott corporate and understand why they would limit the room nights to only 1 room night per member per stay.  When did this change?


If I paid for 3 rooms for 10 nights (if all the rooms are in my name) I should get credit for 30 room nights, points and elite points for those rooms nights.   Please explain the logic?