Crappy Customer Service

Discussion created by criptic on Jul 31, 2019
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I booked a stay at the Le Meridien Munich only to find out later that a Third Party website offered a better rate,  I wrote in to submit a claim through Marriott's Best Rate Guaranteed but was rejected and simply told that the rate was "comparable".  I did not understand this as the rate was a 50% difference in price! I asked for further clarification and was only given a reply some 2 days later.  I was later made to understand that the difference in price was not due to the rate but rather the overall price.  Marriott had charged me an additional fee of €320 for my 2 children that are to share the same room as my wife and me, whereas the Third Party website did not.


Meanwhile the rate at the Third Party website had gone down further and I sought to ask for a cancellation but was again turned down and was told that the 24-hour free cancellation period had lapsed.  Despite numerous phone calls to both the people at customer service and at Best Rate Guaranteed, this remains unresolved.


I am totally appalled at how I'm being treated as a customer.