Birthday Credit - Bonvoy seems to be devaluing it's loyal customers

Discussion created by ben1983 on Jul 30, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2019 by ready4atrip

I've read lots of posts on this topic and am seeing it for myself. Marriott Bonvoy is clearly devaluing it's loyal customers by reducing benefits.


I recently had my Birthday and was excited waiting for my regular email from Bonvoy wishing me a Happy Birthday and a standard one night elite credit. When it didn't come I decided to reach out to Bonvoy by Facebook and this was their response "Hello Ben, yes, we still offer complimentary Elite Night Credits for Marriott Bonvoy Rewards members birthdays. Please send us a private message with your Marriott Bonvoy Rewards number?".


I sent in my information and even a copy of my DL showing my Birthday ... their response? 


"Hello, Thank you for connecting with us. For the Elite Birthday gift promotion, Solicited Members will receive an email with an offer for one free Elite Night credit. Have you received the email? If you did, please access the link and make the registration."


So I called in to the Platinum line and inquired and they said it would be handled by their "Senior Elite Services Department" and today they emailed to say "Solicited Members will receive an email with an offer for one free Birthday Elite Night credit, you must register though emailed link to receive Elite Night credit. If you did not receive the email you were not eligible to participate in the promotion. My apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused for you."


All in all, Marriott Bonvoy is only offering a Birthday gift via targeted offer which essentially says "some members birthdays are worth celebrating and others aren't".


I'm just sad to see that post-merger the loyalty from Marriott to it's loyal members is constantly decreasing.