Spirit to Serve - Lauren - Ottawa Marriott

Discussion created by pey on Aug 3, 2019
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For those who have visited Ottawa and stayed at the Ottawa Marriott, they will know that the Concierge Lounge is one of the best. It gets that for two reasons, first the view is spectacular as it overlooks the Canadian parliament and the Rideau/Ottawa River (not dissimilar to the County Hall in London and its more famous parliament) and the staff are always very good and the food is pretty good by North American CL standards.


Last Wednesday evening, things got a bit off the rails because the regular host/hostesses were unable to come to work. 


Lauren volunteered and stepped in to fill the void. It was a particularly busy night and she did a great job keeping the ship right, mostly on her own.


So why is this worthy of the spirit to serve? The reason is Lauren is the lifeguard and her job is to run the pool/fitness area. It probably looked a bit odd for the CL hostess to be dressed in the lifeguard uniform but Lauren was excellent and exhibited the spirit to serve.


She was back down in the Fitness Pool area later and I asked her if she had ever done that before and she said "Nope first time",