Brown traces in the bath Tub

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There were brown traces in our bath tub during out last stay at a particular Mariott Branch. You guessed it right, excrement from the past guest! We left a complaint at the desk for the Head of customer service, call him Mr T, who never responded to us. We emailed customer service who informed Mr T to contact us. He did not.


After ten business days, we contacted customer service again and they had to remind him to respond. Out of his slumber, he sent us an email to apologize and even offered one night free as amends. We were happy but we told him that mind you we are not from the same country as you and he casually reassured us that it was not a problem for him.


All set, we sent him the logistics of our next vacation and waited to receive the instructions on how to retrieve the one free night. But bless the heart of Mr T, he would not reform in one day! He went silent for two weeks this time, probably trying to beat his own record of  being unprofessional.


I followed up twice by email and eventually I had to call him and leave a message. Out of his nap this time, Mr T called me and told me to register for a Mariott Points profile and he will give me the points.


Indeed as soon as I created the profile, he went ahead and transferred points. Surprised by his proactiveness here? It came as a shock to me as well.


But to my dismay, the points did not represent even one third of what was required to book one night. So i emailed him and reminded him that in the email, I had already mentioned where I wanted to go and he had confirmed that he was not a problem (before going on a meditation, it appears, for 2 weeks)


I told him I was being penalised but hey Mr T also has other clients to ignore. I went on facebook today and the marketing team also told me that they thought that Mr T had a fair deal. They did not mention anything about the lack of communication skills and aptitude to reply to an email. After all this, I feel betrayed by Mariott. I have proof now from the language used in my emails as well, that they do not care about their customers.


I have pictures of the bathtub with the stains and I am wondering if I should share them publicly. I am worried that I might be risking someone's health by not publicly sharing this review. How can I escalate it further and what is the best platform to share the evidence, including Mr T's pathetic lack of customer service.