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I lost 1.7 Million Points when combining to Bonvoy. WHY?

Question asked by rlasorsa on Jul 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2019 by rlasorsa

Did anyone else lose points when combining Marriott Rewards and SPG Points to Bonvoy? After 30 years, I have almost 2,000 nights stayed in Marriott Properties, amassing over 4.2 million points. Prior to combining the two, my point balance was approximately 3.5 million (Marriott Rewards). After I combined accounts, my new Bonvoy Point total became 1.8 million. Somehow I lost 1.7 million points and no one at Marriott Corporate can explain to me what happened and still, after many conversations, Corporate has not restored my point balance. It's been extremely frustrating and I am about ready to change hotel brands if we don't see some action soon.