'Yours24' Ambassador benefit

Discussion created by fistuk on Jul 30, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2019 by brilin

I'll most likely be achieving Ambassador status by the end of this year, and was wondering about this unique benefit... Would appreciate if anyone who had experience with this could share it here in order to shed some more light on this vague one, as lots of questions come up my mind (which also relate to each other):

1. Why can this be arranged only through the personal ambassador from Marriott? What's the logic behind it?

2. Is this benefit always guaranteed? Are there any cases in which the personal ambassador from Marriott will return a decline?

3. If I check in at night time and ask for my check out to match my check-in time, than obviously the hotel won't be able to sell the room for the night I check out on... I speculate this will most likely disable the hotel from upgrading me at all or at least not giving me an enhanced upgrade (as demand is higher for the better rooms). Am I correct with my speculation?


I don't recall this subject ever discussed in this forum, so your insight is precious!

Thanks in advance to all current Ambassadors who will share their knowledge