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Is there a list of Mobile Key locations?

Question asked by trevor0000000 on Jul 23, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2019 by globaltreker

There used to be a mobile key locations list on the website, but it seems to have been taken down. Does anyone know how to tell if a property has mobile key (other than calling them)? I asked customer service and they told me that pretty much all locations have mobile key now, which certainly isn't true in two cities I frequent. In fact, those two cities have none. One location has the right equipment, but they won't let customers use it. They said everyone must come to the front....then, if you want, they will activate mobile key. It seems odd, since a big competitor has it at most every location and it works great in my experience. I've tried looking at the specific hotel websites and find nothing. On the page talking about Alofts, it says all Alofts have mobile key but that is all I can find. Sometimes, it's a determining factor on what hotel to pick... if you want to go about your night and not have to worry about checking in too late, just parking on the side and going straight to your room. I waited 15 mins at the check-in counter and was blocked in at the front door at my last Springhill visit. Sometimes, (avoiding) the little things can make the stay a lot better!