Instant Redemption, Staff Training,  and Renaissance - Ross Bridge (Birmingham AL)

Discussion created by johans on Jul 22, 2019

I took three of my children to Renaissance - Ross Bridge this weekend to go swimming, etc.


Let me state up front that overall the staff was great with everything we did. Also, I have over 2,000 nights with Marriotts.


When checking in, I mentioned I wanted to use points to pay for incidentals. The front-desk folks did not know what to say, immediately getting a manager. A manager came out and asked me what I was asking for. I told him. Then he told me that resort hotels do not do instant redemption. I called BS on him pointing out that we have used instant redemption at two resorts in the last six months, and the website talks about using points at spas, which are at resorts. The manager's response was "We were trained to say that."


The next day I call Marriott customer support about this. They checked into it. The customer support rep said that the hotel manager on duty said he did not know what "Instant Redemption" was. The customer support rep said that he his documenting the issue and passing it on. And he gave me points. Very nice person.


Anyway, my point of this message is how can a hotel be so stupid to (1) tell a person of the highest Bonvoy level something so stupid as the whole resort excuse, (2) if they do not participate in Instant Redemption, then just say so. What else do they lack in their training? The front desk needs to learn how to be hospitable (I went there more than once).