Cheapest Way to Do a Rewarding Event?

Discussion created by ella31 on Jul 27, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2019 by bejacob

So, some of you followed my race last year to get enough points for LTG by the end of the year so I could be converted to LTP. I did this because I thought otherwise it would take me years to get to LTP under the new arrangement.


I failed to get the points. But, it turns out that it was unnecessary anyway, because to my great surprise, Marriott says I have already earned 9 Platinum years! So I just need one more to get LTP (I have plenty of LT nights).


I don't have much travel planned this year, though, so this time I am chasing nights to get to 50 by the end of the year, which will earn me LTP. I currently have 30, and should get about 5 more due to credit card spend (I still have the old card). Unfortunately for various reasons I missed the 15 elite night upgrade offer. 


So my plan this year is to do one "Rewarding Event" to earn 10 nights credit, and I'll travel enough to make up the other 5 nights.


I don't really have a real event I want to schedule though.  One possibility is to do a games night with a group I belong to, but there are other places we could do it where we could bring in our own snacks and drinks, so I don't really want to subject my friends to having to purchase things from Marriott (and want to purchase the food for the group myself even less). 


The other possibility I thought of was to schedule a room for just 90 minutes or so for a supposed "meeting," and then not have anyone show up but me, or just convince a few friends to show up for window dressing. This seems kind of embarrassing though as I would obviously be gaming the system. 


I know there are others here who have scheduled events just to get the 10 nights, so I'd love to hear tips on how you've done it. I know the mechanics - I've been through Marriott's scheduling page and even requested RFPs for a game night, just to get information.  But what would be very helpful to me is to know, for those who have scheduled events just to get nights: what type of events you've scheduled (time, duration, room set up, number of attendees, food or not, etc) and what you have had to pay for the event.


Thanks in advance for your experience and insight!