AMEX (or Chase) Bonvoy card points not posting correctly? Maybe they actually are...

Discussion created by o0o0o0o0o0o...points! on Jul 21, 2019
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This may be a topic on Insiders, but I couldn't find it, so I figured I'd start it.  I noticed that at least for AMEX cards, Bonvoy points may appear that they are not posting correctly, but actually may be correct.  I noticed that 6x points were not posting correctly (or did not appear that they were).  So, I called AMEX reconcile the points.  So, apparently, AMEX sends a total number of points to Marriott after each billing cycle.  However, Marriott does not necessarily post them to your account how you'd expect - I don't know if this is true for Chase, as I haven't been using a Chase card for Marriott stays, so maybe someone else can verify this on the Chase side.  


Marriott will post all of your bonus categories as "2x" base.  Meaning, if you have 6x points to be awarded in a billing cycle, you'd expect it to post as 6x points in your Marriott account activity as "...Hotel spend...", right?  That way, it'd be easy to verify your spend times 6x as your awarded points.  However, Marriott posts this as "2x base points spend" on one activity line, and "4x Hotel points spend" on a 2nd activity line, which is the additional 4x 'bonus' added to the card's base 2x spend, totalling 6x for hotel spend.  This is the same for any other category multipliers you may have on those cards.


So, more work you have to do to reconcile points being awarded properly, but this may explain why some of the numbers don't appear to add up at first glance.