Devices linked to Bonvoy account

Discussion created by jnojr on Jul 22, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2019 by usualsuspect

How do I get devices added to my account so that they're always recognized as mine when they connect to wifi?


When I connect with a laptop, it usually recognizes me and I can just click "Connect" and be online with the enhanced wifi.  But when I connect with my phone or a Fire stick, it never does.  I'm pretty sure I'm connecting with the regular wifi, and it tells me after I've done that I can "log in on the next page", but I've never seen a way to do that.

Last time I was in a Marriott property, my Fire wouldn't log in, and I had to call 877-530-0820 to talk to the folks who run the network.  They put in an exception to allow my device to connect, but couldn't or wouldn't add it to my account so it'll be recognized every time.