Who cares?  The worst experience at the Pulse MVC in New York

Discussion created by arincon on Jul 20, 2019
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Today, july 20th, 2019,  the hottest day of the summer of 2019, the AC of Our room is not working, the situation started 2 days ago and no one cared, a supposed engineer has come to Our room a few times and has rebooted the AC with no success, We asked to be moved to another room, the answer of course, " we do not have rooms available ,with working ACS" so the problem is not only with Our room, We learnt that it was with a number of rooms and,,,,,,,No one cared!


We spoke to a manager at the front desk, His only option was to give Us a room for 2, and We are a party of 4, We asked then to be moved to another Hotel, and His answer, " I do not have that faculty......"Indeed no ones cares!


Here we are in a room with a temperature of almost 80, frustrated, disgusted, dissapointed, and no one cares! 


Marriott if You are listening the worst thing that can happen to a brand is loose trust from it's consumers/Clients, And My Family is loosing trust in You! 


This has happened to Our Family a loyal Marriott Owner for the past 17+ years, with an elite status, We can't imagine the treatment that Marriot gives to Guests/Clients/Customers who are not "elite".


Marriott, no one cares

Marriott no body cared