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Once And For All... Do We or Don’t We?

Question asked by globetrotting1 on Jul 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2019 by pat2927

i am Lifetime Titanium and a parent of two Marriott employees.  Obviously, being the status I am, I have stayed at Marriott properties PLENTY that did not include the Associate Rate.  My problem is, when I do use the rate, (depending on where I am) I have been told I am not allowed to access the lounge or any other type of elite benefit.  In short, some say yes and there is never a problem, but there are STILL some properties or employees that argue I am NOT allowed ANYTHING when using the MMP rate. I beg to differ...  Of course, I know points are not earned, and I don’t expect them. However I do expect the other perks.  Is there a quick link I can assess to prove I’m correct the next time I am faced with this challenge?   I’d greatly appreciate any assistance I can receive with this on-going annoyance.