prepay room/no show

Discussion created by danatbird on Jul 16, 2019
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This is probably a strange question, but it just popped into my head.


I'm planning a trip to NYC.  I'm trying to decide between paying regular rate at one hotel, or the prepay rate at another hotel that's slightly nicer and slightly closer to my event.  I do have some fear that my event might be canceled, so I'm hesitant to do the prepay rate. 


But then I started wondering if I did the prepay, and my event got canceled - would I still get my points and/or stay credit, since I would be still be paying for the hotel room even if I didn't get to be physically present.


I expect the answer is no, I wouldn't get credit.  But I thought I would ask, since if the answer were yes, it would make the gamble worth it for me.