A disappointing platinum status challenge experience

Discussion created by edtw74 on Jul 17, 2019
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I want to share a very disappointing and frustrating platinum status challenge experience.


I was and am a Gold Elite member before Bonvoy, as a Gold Elite member I was able to receive the benefit those only platinum members have today. So I decided to take the platinum status challenge.


The journey started in April, I called into the global support line via the Bonvoy APP on my phone and asked to sign up for the platinum challenge and I was told by the lady on the phone and my enrollment was completed, I asked for an email confirmation and was told there is no email confirmation for the enrollment.


Soon after I made the call, I started to plan for 16 nights and completed those stays by end of June. I was waiting for my status change but that did no happen so I wrote an email to the customer support but they responded I was not enrolled at all. After a few email exchanges I was asked to call into the Elite Customer Service. I made the call and talked to an agent and explained to him the situation and I was informed there is a case opened and they will look into the problem and should have a result in 3 to 5 business days. I called into the Customer Service again after a week but again I was told they are unable to verify my enrollment. 


This is very frustrating, if you make phone calls into any of the customer service line you are prompted that your call may be recorded. I would expect there were some errors when the lady accepted my enrollment in the first place, but I am also very surprised they are unable to track a customer's call. And they do not plan to investigate further by asking any backing evidence from me in order to honor the challenge with their miss to enroll (I may have made a mistake not to re-confirm my enrollment), but this entire process is just too disappointing and frustrating and all the customer service did is to offer my the challenge in the next 90 days that I have no intention doing it all over again with the money and time spent, plus 3,000 points for courtesy purpose (precisely quoted).


I am wondering if there are anyone here has the similar experience and how do they deal with this type of situation?


Do not expect to get a resolution here, but want to share this poor experience for those who want to challenge the platinum status and come across this article.....