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Question asked by mpd1424 on Jul 13, 2019
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Is it common practice to use the metal latch to keep the door unlocked and then just let it slam all day long? 


Westayed at the Springhill Suites on Collonade Parkway in Birmingham AL.


My wife and I are frequent travellers (gold and Platinum respectively). This was by far out WORST experience ever on a Marriott property. Could not have been more miserable. The hotel was packed with teenagers from a football or basketball tournament. Loud , running down the halls, knocking on all the doors. That happens. It was the housekeeping that was the problem. My wife had surgery and we stayed at the hotel so she could recover a few days before driving back home. The housekeepers flip the metal privacy latch to keep the door unlocked when they are doing their cleaning. The problem is they let the door slam onto the latch. This is done multiple times in every room. A loud slam every time they go in and out. This went on for about 6 hours. You can hear it from other floors. I spoke with housekeeper cleaning rooms near our and asked her to please stop banging the doors. 
She told me they try to catch it before it slams It did not stop. When the room next door was being cleaned and the door kept slamming shut, I asked her again to please stop. She stopped the door one time and then it slammed again. I took a couch pillow and put it on the floor to stop the door from slamming. A minute or two later,slam. I opened the door and the pillow was gone. 6 hours of door slamming and then all night with the teens slamming the doors and running around. The next morning, housekeepers back to letting the door slam. Over and over. We were going to stay another night but there was no way we were going to listen to that all day long again. When we packed up and walking down the hallway, the same housekeeper walked out of a room she was cleaning, letting the door slam, and saw me. She said "oh" and when she went in she didn't let the door slam. That said to me she didn't care, except when she saw me. There was no one at the desk when we left to say anything else too. It was horrible. We stayed so my wife could rest after serious surgery and it was anything but restful.