Elite Night Credits Gift......useless

Discussion created by riki53 on Jul 15, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2019 by tara.casey12

In January of 2019, I received an email from Marriott to choose a gift of either 5 Elite nights, 5 Suite nights, Charity donation and a couple other things.  I chose the 5 elite nights.  I then received an email stating the 5 elite nights would be placed in my account within 48 hours.  So..here it is, July  No 5 elite nights credited to my account.


I emailed Insiders, and they answered me back, that indeed the 5 elite nights were added to my account for the year of 2018.  WHAT?  Why?  Because I earned Platinum in 2018.  But the email came in January of 2019, so what good, please tell me,does 5 elite nights do me in 2018?  


They used to have a dedicated line for Platinum Members.  They were always so helpful and knowledgeable.  Not anymore.  Whenever I ask for a dedicated Platinum line, the reps say there isn't any, and  none of them know the benefits of Platinum.  I have lost nights that I stayed on points because the reps state you cannot get credit for point nights.  However, it clearly states that you can.


I'm so disappointed with this merger.  No one knows anything anymore.  It used to be a great program, but it is failing,miserably.