Transferring Bonvoy Points to Miles takes up to 7 days

Discussion created by loveyoumeanit on Jul 14, 2019
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I was planning a family vacation today and I was short 8k points to book a flight on Delta. 

I immediately went to my amex bonvoy card account to transfer some points because I new I had some. I am a former amex SPG holder which automatically got converted to the new Marriott bonvoy card.

I've used the points to mile transfer in the past on this card and it was always immediate and so I thought this experience would be the same.

After I transferred the points, I waited and was not able to see the points transferred into my account.

I called customer service and they said the points were sent.
I then called Delta and asked them why the points are not in the account, they said to call Marriott Bonvoy.
I then called Marriott bonvoy again and was told that it takes 7 days.

I spent most of my day trying to come up with another plan and at this point I don't need those points anymore to be transferred into my Delta account.

I called Marriott Bonvoy again to ask if they can cancel the transfer. It clearly takes 7 days so why wouldn't you be able? I was told that you cannot cancel them.

I'm just wondering: 


- In 2019, why does it take 7 days to transfer these points?
- If this method is clearly not an industry standard, why was there absolutely no warning during the transfer process mentioning that it would take up to 7 days to transfer?

I went ahead and read the Terms of Service which states:


3.11 Airline Frequent Flyer Programs and Other Affiliated Loyalty Programs


3.11.d. Once Miles are credited to a Member’s frequent flyer or other airline-affiliated loyalty program account, changes, reissuance and/or re-credit of Points are not allowed.

These miles were not credited in my Delta account yet so why is customer service unable to help me at all?

Very disappointed so far with this program.


Marriot Bonvoy member.