No avenue for a Titanium member to get resolution

Discussion created by dcvzla on Jul 10, 2019
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I recently stayed at the Westin Seattle as part of a company conference and the check in experience had to be one of the worst that I have ever had. First I waited in a long line (I did arrive to the property around 2:30). After waiting for a while, I was able to be checked in and I was informed that I will receive a phone call once my room was ready (what I would have expected). I joined the conference and later on I received a call that my room was ready. I proceeded to go back to the front desk to pick up my keys at which point the representative asked for my credit card again and issued a room key. The following day while at dinner I received a call from the hotel stating that I haven't checked in to my room. After dinner, I went to the front desk and I informed them that I had checked to my room at which point it was discovered that I was checked in to multiple room. The front desk staff confirmed that he took care of the issue and shortly after I received an email with a zero balance receipt.  


During check out I went to the front desk for my final receipt as this was a business trip. The saga begins when I returned home and checked my credit card bill in which it showed a one night bill. I reached to the property via email no response (it was the 4th of July week so I understood). On Friday I spoke with a representative in the billing department who reviewed it and told me that I will receive a phone call on Monday. No phone call was received by 4pm. I went ahead and reached out to the property again at which point I spoke with a representative and explained the entire situation again. The representative informed me that my story did not added up as they were chargers in the mini bar for the room I confirmed I had not checked in. The representative told me that they would have to check log audit to confirm my story. I was a bit offended because I have no necessity to get a room for free (after all I am a Titanium status for a reason). Furthermore, the very non-understanding representative informed that he is sending me the bill for the credit card charge. I immediately replied to his email with the original bill I received from the front desk staff. I told the representative that I would expect a response as this is not making any sense to me. Today, I received an email from a guest billing coordinator stating my refund will be processed in the next 5-7 business days and someone finally in that property acknowledged my loyalty status. While the issue was finally addressed, I am highly disappointed on how the property handled this entire situation. I have proceeded to call Marriott Rewards and the very kind representative apologized for the experience and she was kind to offer 6,000 points; however, the point of the matter is the fact that this property needs to improve its customer service for all customers, not just their most loyal ones. I'm hopeful that this terrible experience I have had will change the culture at the Westin Seattle property for all those that stay there in the future. I can assure I will never a be a future guest there and I will ensure that my company no longer books a conference at this location, and for any family and friends traveling in the area, I will let them know to avoid this location at all costs.