Embarrassing moment compensation?

Discussion created by disneymkvii on Jul 11, 2019
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I'm embarrassed to even talk about this moment. I have been very hesitant to talk to people about it and really didn't want to call Marriott to relive it. But, I haven't been able to get this out of my mind and i'd like to put it behind me. So here it is:

I was staying at a Courtyard on 6/17-6/18. I had requested Late Checkout of 1PM. I had my DND sign tag hanging on the door. I had just come back from breakfast and was preparing for my shower. It was approx 9:40am. Just as i'm about to walk into the shower (stark naked), someone (Hotel cleaning staff) comes into my room. She walks by me and goes all the way into my room like she's looking for something and keeps saying shes sorry. She turns around and leaves. A few seconds later I hear my door tag moving around and then it gets slid under my door. I'm freaked out! WTH just happened?!!! I got dress and left immediately. A couple of hours later I send a message to the front desk asking WTH was happening there and generally expressing my displeasure. They called me on the phone and apologized and said they would add 2,000 points to my account as compensation. 


Well, I've not got any compensation. I've not got any official apology and I feel super creeped out about the whole ordeal. I can't help but to wonder, WTH were they doing? Not only did I have the DND hanging up, I also had a late checkout. And it's not even 10am yet! Why are they going into rooms that haven't checked out? 


My dilemma is: should I call the property again and risk more embarrassment to address my missing compensation? Should I call Marriott directly? Should I start going to a therapist? I'm serious when I say this has creeped me out. I think about it ALL THE TIME. Why did she walk by me when she saw someone was in the room? Why didn't she turn and leave right that second?