So it begins - Marriott sued by DC AG over Resort Fees...

Discussion created by brightlybob on Jul 10, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2020 by techie

... and destination fees, facility fees, location fees and the multitudinous deceptive names hoteliers apply to these mandatory “top up” room rates of up to $95 per night. It’ll take years to make its way to a final judicial decision no doubt as I’m sure Marriott will defend this odious practice with the same unseemly vigour it displayed to rolling out these bait-and-switch fees beyond traditional resorts.


I’m both saddened that my favourite hotel group has been picked out in this litigation but also happy too as I know it’s become a late, but very enthusiastic, adopter - too enthusiastic by half. Hopefully other AGs will follow DCs lead and this awful spivvy practice that so besmirches Marriotts erstwhile trusted name can be eradicated. 


Watch this space!