Almost Bonvoy'd!!

Discussion created by smrtmom1 on Jul 3, 2019
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I recently stayed at the Sheraton Four Points Arlington/Dallas Entertainment District (By Six Flags and Ranger's Field).  Booked the room on the Bonvoy website, using my Bonvoy account, and reserved the room and PAID for the room on my Bonvoy AmEx.  Looking at the charge a few days alter, noticed they were only giving me 2X points for the stay, when it should have been 6X.  I had to sit on the phone for 25 minutes with AmEx to get it fixed.  Turns out, the property billed it through a 3rd party, which made it look to AmEx like it wasn't a Marriott stay!!!  The CS lady kept telling me "we know you didn't reserve this through a 3rd party, so we will do a one time correction and award the points.  But this is a ONE TIME thing..." basically acting like I was lying and trying to pull one over on them.  I was so mad.  I realize it was AmEx CS, and not Marriott, but Marriott needs to better police these properties and how they are reporting charges to the CC the MARRIOTT gives their name to!!  I can't help but wonder the actual dollar value of all of the other people they have done this to that didn't look or know how/where to look.  It was the difference of almost 1200 points for the stay!!!!  When I hung up I exclaimed..."Been Bonvy'd!!"