Finally Bonvoyed

Discussion created by carbide_cyanide on Jul 1, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2019 by wannabetitanium

Folks, it has finally happened. I was doing so well up until about 2 months ago I felt. I've nearly given up as I've given 3 pieces of group business now totalling $12k in revenue to Hilton instead of Marriott. 


Per the program change rules, we get 10 elite nights for your first Rewarding Events contract each year. It's been 2 months of fighting and nobody can help. The property can't, the elite desk can't, and even emailing support has been unhelpful. 


I'll requalify for LTP (currently Titanium) this year in October, though I doubt I'll hit my 50 nights this year without those 10 elite nights. Marriott has almost frustrated me to the point now of status matching to Hilton and rocking with them for a bit.