Nomination for Spirit to Serve for Phone Associate

Discussion created by tissyj on Jul 1, 2019
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I would like to nominate Jodie Petty for a Spirit to Serve Award.  I have been a Marriott die hard for about 35 years.  Only stay in Marriott brand hotels (we travel a lot) , own vacation weeks, etc.  I have come across some really super people and many who have been more than kind, but none that went the length that Jodie did.


Last March my family showed up at the Marriott hotel, where we had reservations, at 11pm.  Everyone was very tired.  The person at the desk told us there were no rooms available so to try the Holiday Inn down the street.  I showed them my reservations and they just said "Sorry."  I asked them to call the Holiday Inn and see if they had room.  They did and off we went.  (The Holiday Inn greeted us with beverages, asked if we needed anything for our son, went out of their way.) We stayed there and when we arrived home several days later, I contacted Marriott to explain what had happened and let them know I was shocked by the service and how great Holiday Inn had been.  The associate proceeded to tell me that I was due 90,000 pts and $100 for them not honoring my on line reservation.  That is when the trouble began.  I stopped keeping track of the number of times I called Marriott (and wrote down the names of the not helpful associates) after the 12th time.  This just would not go away.  One day, I decided to call again and I got Jodie.  She  actually seemed to care.  She took all of my information, and promised to follow up.  AND she did!!!  I received emails from her on a regular basis.  Sometimes just checking in.  (Of course the hotel had changed managers after my intended stay and then fired a temp manager.)  After all of her hard work and getting to the nitty gritty and not giving up on me, I finally got the money from the hotel today (the points arrived shortly after Jodie got involved).  It is over three months later.


My hat is off to Jodie, who made me a believer in the Marriott brand again!  She was patient, kind, courteous and a true champion of customer service.  I truly believe she deserves a Nobel Prize for Customer Service, but I will settle for a Spirit to Serve Award!!!!!!