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Changing your Ambassador

Question asked by r2r2b on Jul 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2019 by djkaufmann

I want to change the person assigned as my ambassador.  Originally was assigned a person who seemed competent when I had a conversation with her and had her help me with one trip. In May I received an email telling me I had been assigned to a different Ambassador.  When I tried to get some assistance with a reservations and hotel information, he took days to respond with an incoherent email that did not answer my questions and stated he would follow up with more information.  Never heard back from him so I went a different direction with my plans (not worth the effort and if it  was going to take that much work when making plans how would it be once I was at the hotel).  I want to get a different ambassador and would appreciate input as to whom I should contact.