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Westin Policy On Coolers

Question asked by iahflyr on Jun 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2019 by usualsuspect

Strange question that I got from a friend who stayed at the The Westin Houston Downtown a few nights back.  The arrived at the hotel with the luggage for the night and a cooler with some food and wine/beer.  The valet guy told them they were not allowed to bring the cooler into the hotel.  HMMM he thought so when he got inside he asked to speak with the Manager who also told him the exact same thing.  


I was relaying this to another friend yesterday who told me the exact same thing happened to his wife and her sister when they were taking a cooler of kids drinks, food and cookies into a Westin in Seattle for a swim meet they were participating in.  They were told no coolers allowed.


Have any Insiders experienced the same issue if you attempted to take a cooler into a Westin?  communitymanagers might you be able to shed some light on this issue if in fact it is a policy at Westin?


Thanks and have a wonderful weekend all.