Titanium Elite member losing status because of "qualifying stays"

Discussion created by jpohlman on Jun 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2020 by tr07

I am a Titanium Elite, Lifetime Silver member and work in the Mobile Broadcast industry. Most of my stays are covered under a master account and I do not actually pay for them. But I spend a lot of my time in Marriott hotels. Recently, Marriott changed their rules. Now, if I haven't paid for the room myself, I don't get the nights towards my status. 


To be clear, I do not expect to get points for a stay that I didn't pay for, but if i'm staying at a hotel that I have status at, I fully expect for that stay to be recognized and go towards my status at that hotel. To my knowledge, this is the way that any other rewards/ loyalty program works. 


I realize that this may not be a problem for most Marriott members, but in my industry it is. We rarely pay for our rooms, but spend a lot of time in hotels. We have a choice in where we want to stay most of the time. I have been a LOYAL Marriott customer, but it seems that doesn't mean anything anymore. Is anyone else having issue with this?!