missing welcome gift points?

Discussion created by rowdy1438 on Jun 29, 2019
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Sorry if this post is redundant. I know I have read about it in the past but I never really pay too much attention to my points. What do you do if they do not award you your welcome gift of 1000 points at a Marriott FS? I know I have seen things like 90,000 points and 100 bucks but I am not sure what this warrants. The front desk agent asked me if I wanted points or the breakfast and I told him points and they never showed up but my stay did. I am also waiting on points to post for a 4 night stay at the Westin St. Francis which is suppose to come with an extra 12K points because they had to rebook my hotel and that has not showed up. Its only been 6 days though so Ill give them their 10 even if my more recent stays have showed up albeit missing points.