Nassau Downtown, Bahamas - No running water for almost two days - Offered 1000 points as compensation

Discussion created by pranavreddy1 on Jun 26, 2019

I had the worst experience with customer service at Marriott. They redirected me to speak with the hotel staff directly and it took them a week to call me. I had to go through the entire account with details of what happened and how bad my entire stay was, where I had to go to bars nearby to use the restroom, while spending $250 on a hotel room. 'm not sure how this 


After speaking with them for 15+ minutes explaining everything, she offered me 1000 points for not having running water in my hotel room for almost two days. Is this a joke? I have no idea who else to contact as Marriott support wanted me to deal with hotel staff directly. 


If you guys care, I'm not sure how this franchising works, but you should really consider auditing that Nassau downtown beach hotel again if it deserves the Marriott brand name. All my friends who are Marriott Titanium members convinced me to get away from Hilton, all for this. Also looks like, it's almost impossible to reach out to someone better than a hotel staff unless you're a titanium member