Residence Inn "Mix" inconsistencies

Discussion created by semgal71 on Jun 25, 2019
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With 30 brands in the Marriott portfolio, I find it very difficult to find any consistency even within the same brand.  For example, the high-touted "Residence Inn Mix" has, in my opinion, been everything from dismal (Residence Inn Mt. Pleasant (Charleston) SC to fabulous (Residence Inn Washington Dulles Rt. 28 Center).  The "grillin' and chillin" in Mt. Pleasant consisted of frozen chicken breasts with teriyaki sauce, a bowl of pre-cut watermelon, and a bowl of cold tortilla chips.  A guest from the next-door Hampton Inn walked through the parking lot (we watched!), filled his paper plate (no sign of real dishes or cutlery), grabbed 2 beers and went back to his hotel.  Side note - believe me, it's tough to cut through a dried out chicken breast with a plastic knife/fork on a paper plate.  The wine offered was one red and one white, which promptly disappeared in 3 minutes and was refilled after a 15 minute wait by the one employee who spent most of the evening sitting at a table.  


The Washington Dulles RI Mix, featured hot dogs/burgers, coleslaw, chips, baked beans, lettuce/tomato/cheese - all the fixins for a proper burger.  Plenty of wines and beers as well as soft drinks and water.  At least 4-5 employees always on duty.


Is there a standard that ALL RI's should follow?  What has been other's experiences?